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About Our Crafting

With more years of collective experience behind us than we can count on both hands with our shoes off, from our home in the Lion's Den at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire and our shops in South Jersey, South Jersey Leather Crafters is proud to provide you with the finest, completely hand-crafted, period and modern leather goods available.

About Our Crafting

Practically every product shown on these pages is made by hand by us. Our Our online catalog is currently available via Square.

Custom Designs

Any item you see on these pages can be modified for your own tastes. There are no design limitations to what we can do other than your imagination.

Repair & Replacement

We have a full service repair shop for both modern and period leather goods. All repairs are done by hand with modern tools and guaranteed to last as long as the original leather. If we can't repair an item due to excessive wear or quality of material, we can usually duplicate it. Dying is also available for certain products.

Our latest ramblings...

August 5, 2017 No Comments

The 37th Annual Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

It’s here. Already for some, finally for others. This will be out 21st season at this Faire. We’ve changed quit a bit over those years, added new products, people, and even parts to the shop. Leather hasn’t changed too much, some refinements have been made in the tanning process, better tools have been developed, and […]

July 5, 2017 No Comments

About That Time

We’d been kicking around the idea of a new site for years now. The aging code in the old one had been tweaked so many times that no one knew where the canned code ended and the customization began. We’d already discarded the embedded shopping system in favor of Square when they started offering a […]